Production plant

Our production places

All our products are individually crafted. Nearly all wood used for production comes from recycled, antique teak- or mahogany wood.

Our reproduction of “French antique furniture” is made by an Indonesian Company under French entrepreneurship. Specially focused on furniture from “Renaissance” to “Napoleonic period” with its unique furniture finish, this company provides a proper work with natural sensitiveness. Mahogany, Mango and also Mindy wood are used for this production.

The unique design of our Seashell and coconut furniture production was used originally in combination for decoration of hotel lobbies or for decoration at reception areas for yachts. This is truthful one of the exclusives furniture line.

Our contemporary furniture style is manufactured mainly of recycled teakwood or mahogany, as well as Mango wood.  Authentisch is responsible for the design and drawings of several items.

All time favorites for lovely places at home – without compromise