Living is a matter near to ones heart and needs favorite furniture!

The idea of setting up Authentisch was based on many experiences concerning the world of “building homes” in which Hilke-Christine Witt developed a subtle feeling for house owners furnishing desires. “Meals at home, with family and friends become a high significance again. The big dining table has become the hotspot of families’ homes. This is a place to dine, play, to communicate or just read the Sunday’s newspaper” says Hilke-Christine Witt. “Also a mix of different styles becomes trendier and dining- as well as living rooms get an individual potpourri-style.” The basic concept for our extraordinary and sophisticated furniture design is based on the use of warm wood of teak and mahogany. Exclusive furniture made of sea- or coconut shell. It all comes solid and long lasting, with an adorable design. The founder of Authentisch with her French-German roots, bits for uncomplicated styling in sophisticated homes, individual composition for each person, inspired by Authentisch.

Exclusive furniture from black seashell and brown coconut shell
Outstanding, impressive and sophisticated are the keywords for one of the finest furniture design made of coconut- and seashell. These materials are the basics for this subtle handicraft. Every piece is unique. The production is done by workers with endless accuracy and patience who puzzle the tiny shells of coconut and seashell onto a wooden corpus until acrylic forms the finish and the masterpiece is done. This “state-of-the-art” furniture is unique and Authentisch is the only address in northern Europe where you can obtain this precious design.